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You may have heard some people refer to websites like online brochures, an electronic business card all about your business. While some websites are like this, they aren't necessarily the successful ones. Another way of thinking about a website is a place, not a flesh-and-blood place, but a virtual place. Websites, especially highly interactive ones, are virtual locations where people congregate to exchange information.

There are two main types of website and your choice will depend on the content, the way you want to update it and your budget.

HTML/PHP website
Some websites are simply like folders on your computer. They consist of a series of files in a folder structure, including pages and images. This option is good for an online brochure type of website. It will have simple yet attractive page design, a maximum of around 20 pages and limited or no interactivity with visitors.

CMS website
CMS means content management system, which is like a website program you can log into and use to update the website. You may have heard of Wordpress or Joomla!. These are free content management systems that are relatively easy to set up and can have plugins installed to help your website become more of an interactive hub for visitors. Visitors will be able to log in, have accounts, shop online, chat, respond to blog posts etc. Here at Greenslade Creations we keep a firm view of the ultimate aim of a website, which is to promote your business or ideas. As such we do not recommend free CMS options like Wordpress because they are not as SEO-friendly as a custom CMS. A custom CMS needs to be maintained and managed by us, so that continual development can occur when you need it, though, so if you really want to do this yourself, you may be better of getting us to use Wordpress or Joomla! We can offer a range of options to you to suit your needs.

All CMS website designed by us have the following advantages over a HTML/PHP website:

  • Back-end log in so you can modify and add new images and articles yourself (multiple log in accounts are possible)
  • Easier to grow and change in the future (ideal for larger websites)
  • Design, features and functionality are usually more complex and professional-looking

Website designers often aren't very good with words. A major advantage of working with our team is it includes writers, editors, graphic designers and website designers. Let Greenslade Creations write or edit your website text before commencing your website project.

Website hosting and domain registration costs
Website hosting and domain registration can be included in your package or we can work with your existing provider.

What is a web host?
A web host is a company with computer servers that make your website files available on the Internet. There are differing levels of complexity in website design, so please contact us for advice.

We can arrange hosting as part of your website design package.

Every website project is different so please contact us to discuss your needs.

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“Many thanks for all your help. I'm sure this will be the first of many such projects we get to work on.”

—David Latta

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