Do you need an Australian editor for your writing?

Greenslade Creations provides expert services all forms of editing, including book editing and layout proofreading, ebook checking (on devices), website proofreading, novel assessment, assignment or thesis editing, business writing and copyediting, formatting and re-writing procedural manuals and more.

We are experienced with fiction and non-fiction. Our editors come from a variety of backgrounds and we can handle all forms of proofreading. Our interests and specialities include:

  • Fiction, especially fantasy and science fiction
  • Fiction, romance and young adult
  • Academic text
  • Medical text
  • Business copywriting
  • Sales and marketing text
  • Non-fiction books, especially multimedia books

We can tailor an editing program to suit your needs and budget. This might include:

  1. A mini manuscript assessment (based on 20 pages)
  2. A manuscript assessment (based on entire manuscript)
  3. A structural edit
  4. A comprehensive edit
  5. A proofread


What difference does the target market make?

Before we commence an editing project we need a good understanding of your target market. For example, non-fiction articles written for magazines and newspapers will differ from those written for websites. Some non-fiction pieces, such as academic or medical texts, can include jargon, whereas others shouldn’t. A children’s book, a young adult novel and an adult novel, each need to have different language as well as attention paid to the themes and organisation. A good editor will adjust their tactics according to the target market of each job.


What kind of editing is right for your project?

There are many forms of editing, but one and all are important to any project with written words. For business copywriting, a single editing pass will often reveal most of the problems with spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, ambiguity and choice of words. This is commonly known as copyediting, sub-editing or line by line editing.


Business Copywriting

When our editors work on business copywriting, we usually draw upon our sales and marketing knowledge, constantly asking  how the target market will receive the writing.


Design and Layout Proofing

Some editing projects require attention to design and layout details, such as formatting consistency. We will be flexible to your needs.


Structural Editing

Longer works, whether non-fiction or fiction, often benefit from a structural edit  prior to a line edit because this process specifically asks how well the piece fits together as a whole. There may be entire sections of text that can be removed, so there’s no point line editing these.


Proofreading and Continuity Editing

When a piece is already highly accurate, all that may be left to do is some proofreading and/or a continuity edit. Proofreading is simpler than line editing because it usually only incorporates the fixing of typos, spelling mistakes and minor punctuation problems.

A continuity edit is similar to a structural edit, except the editor specifically looks for links between different parts of the text that somehow don't line up.


Comprehensive Editing

A job involving project coordination, a structural edit, line editing and proofreading after layout would be considered a ‘Comprehensive Editing’ job, as it entails a whole range of steps in a project’s development, not simply proofreading.


For projects over 30,000 words we offer half an hour of free editing to help determine if we are the right editors for you, and to enable us to give you a quote.


Contact us for details.

What follows is a sample list of roles we’re confident in assisting you with.


Business projects

  • Website copywriter or editor
  • Email newsletter editor or writer
  • Staff handbook editor
  • Procedural documentation proofreader
  • Policy manual editor
  • Product manual editor
  • Training documentation proofreader
  • Contract, warranty or other legal 
  • documentation proofreader
  • Business plan editor
  • Marketing plan or marketing campaign documentation editor
  • Specifications and standards editor
  • Brochure, flyer or catalogue editor
  • Project plan or proposal proofreader
  • Position description proofreader


Academic projects

  • Essay proof-reader 
  • Thesis editor 
  • Speech editor 
  • Feature article editor 
  • News article editor 
  • Report editor 



  • Magazine article editor 
  • Newspaper article editor 
  • Web page editor


Literary and personal projects

  • Resume/CV, application letter editor 
  • Poetry, flash fiction or short story editor 
  • Novella or novel editor A
  • Autobiography editor 
  • Biography editor 
  • Children’s book editor 
  • Diary or journal editor


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“Many thanks for all your help. I'm sure this will be the first of many such projects we get to work on.”

—David Latta

“We were very happy with the quality of work, competitive pricing and excellent customer service we received from Greenslade Creations. Amanda gave us regular updates about the progress of her work and delivered our eBook to us ahead of schedule.”

—Lucie Stevens, Australian Society of Authors