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What is active voice, and is there a trend in thesis writing to use first (and/or second) person?


I recently edited a PhD thesis for a Doctorate of Philosophy and the topic was related to computer science—personalised ontology frameworks used on websites, to be specific. The student had w

How Not to Drop the Ball in Email

04 December 2015

Email is a fantastic tool for working together, especially remotely. However sometimes it can allow people to pass the buck or forget about their initial responsibility on a particular project or task

Illustration: What is it and why do I need it?

29 April 2015

Illustrations are good for more than just children’s fiction.

How do you design a book for print?

06 March 2015

Designing a book for print is a lengthy process that takes many different skills.

Social Media FAQ


Frequently asked questions about social media.

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“Many thanks for all your help. I'm sure this will be the first of many such projects we get to work on.”

—David Latta

“We were very happy with the quality of work, competitive pricing and excellent customer service we received from Greenslade Creations. Amanda gave us regular updates about the progress of her work and delivered our eBook to us ahead of schedule.”

—Lucie Stevens, Australian Society of Authors